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Diverting organic waste from landfill and transforming it into renewable energy

Reduce Waste To Landfill

By reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill we can limit the quantity of harmful gasses being released into the atmosphere which contribute to climate change and global warming.

Generate Renewable Energy

Generating energy from renewable sources helps to extend the life of our planets limited quantity of natural resources whilst at the same time improving the economy and creating a skilled workforce.

Produce Organic Biofertilizer

Use of organic fertilisers in favour of the traditional synthetic fertilisers restores vital nutrients to the land that have been depleated by years of degredation while producing crops that are healthier for the populous.

A Renewable Energy Business

We are aiming to develop an international network outside of the European Union of anaerobic digestion plants to generate in excess of 100MW of clean renewable energy whilst diverting food waste from landfill to produce a valuable biofertiliser.

“We can create a more sustainable, cleaner and safer world by making wiser energy choices”

Core Services

We offer a wide range of services centered around the waste management industry


Principle Technology

Anaerobic digestion technology has many socio-economic benefits
Reduces Waste To Landfill

By diverting organic waste from landfill to be processed an anerobic digestion facility we are removing and recycling some of the most harmful material (with regard to the release of greenhouse gasses) from landfill sites around the world.

Generates Clean Renewable Energy

With stocks of natural resources becoming evermore scarce and difficult to extract it is important that we use every tool at our disposal to generate clean renewable power from all the alternative sources we have available.

Produces Organic Biofertilizer

As global populations continue to grow beyond projections food security has become a fevered ground of topical conversation and we must revitalize our lands to ensure that the next generation is not left wanting.

Contributes To Emissions Targets

Along with other renewable technologies anaerobic digestion contributes to the targets set by the European Union for the reduction of emmissions and generation of energy from renewable sources.

Quality Organic Biofertilizer

4 Reasons to choose our products
Microbial Efficiency

Organic fertilisers are significantly less wasteful at delivering nutrients to plants as they exploit the fabulous efficiency of the natural microbial system.

Slow Release

Slow and consistent at a sustained natural rate that plants are able to use with no danger of over concentration or over-dosage of nutrients.

Corrects Imbalances

Organic fertilisers help to correct imbalances in the soil pH to make it suitable for plant growth whilst not disturbing the balance of the soil.

Certified Safe

Certified BSI PAS110, which is the British Standard to illustrate that this product is safe to spread on land for agricultural and horticultural purposes.

Start a green routine

We would like to invite you to become involoved in our green revolution. We are looking for people and businesses who to strive to be the best in their field, to be the most environmentally responsible in their field and to be the most efficient in their field. If this is you please don't hesitate to contact us and download our brochures to study in depth about the posibilities of this technology or just browse on the morning commute. We implore each and every person to do whatever they can to make this world a better, cleaner and safer environment for not just our sakes, but for the generations to come.