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At New AD we want to use our expertise to help the wider AD community by restoring operations at non-operational or inefficient plants.
As it is in all walks of life, nothing worth doing is ever easy. Due to the number of operations involved to ensure a successful operation and the logistics involved in ensuring that all these operations work together in unison there are AD plants that are not working as efficiently as they could or are non-operational, we want to help.
As all AD plant owners and operators know, there are three major areas which dictate whether a plant operates successfully; technology, finance and the supply of feedstock. At New AD we have departments and a number of staff that specialise in all these areas and we can use these resources to get your plant back on the right path.
New AD and its partners can provide a number of services, and with our teams vast array of areas of expertise we will be able to find what is the most applicable way to use your available assets. We are there to help in matters relating to the daily operation of your plant. We pride ourselves on the high efficiency and reliability of our biogas plants. So that they stay that way, our service people are always ready to help. These services include;

  •   AD Project Recovery
  •   Site Feasibility Survey

  •   Feedstock Supply
  •   Biological Analysis

  •   Digestate Management
  •   Plant Development

Feedstock Procurement

The majority of non-operational AD plants in the UK are due to an insufficient supply of feedstock, to most this would appear to be a simple problem to solve. Unfortunately the logistics involved in securing the quantities needed for an AD plant are quite complex. At New AD we have excellent links with contract growers both here in the UK and internationally along with multiple captains of industry in the food processing industry, this allows us to source large quantities of sufficient feedstock in a much shorter timeframe than would typically be available.

Digestate Management

Digestate management is a great within the whole anaerobic digestion industry, especially for waste-to-energy plants. At New AD we have devoted considerable resources to finding the solution to this potential issue and after a significant amount of research we have discovered a number of avenues for the digestate. Utilising these avenues we can save AD operators a considerable amount of money, especially if they currently have no feasible destination for the digestate.

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