Anaerobic Digestion Plant Components

Mixing Tank

The mixing or collecting tank is used to collect and homogenize the liquid substrates.


The digestion of the substrates takes place in the digester. The digester is heatable, insulated, equipped with weatherproof cladding, accommodates several agitators and has a double membrane roof for gas storage.

Fermentation Residue Storage Tank

The fermentation residue storage tank is a tank for storing the outgassed or depleted digestate. The gas holder can optionally be supplied with a double membrane roof to provide an optimum gas management and a maximum gas storage volume.


Several practical and logistical advantages can be achieved through solid-liquid separation of the digestate using a separator.

Gas Flare

The gas flare is part of New ADs extensive safety concept.

Dosing Unit

The dosing unit is used to introduce solid substrates into the biogas plant. We use the energy-saving liquid feeding method. The silage or solid manure to be digested is mixed with liquid and then pumped into the digester or digesters.

Post Digester

The post digester is a gas-tight storage tank similar to a digester, except for the heating. A further “outgassing” of the fermentation mass takes place in the post-digester. The gas is stored through a double membrane roof system.

Pump Container

The pump system allows a free choice of substrate streams, i.e. substrates can generally be pumped from any tank into any other optional tank. Thanks to an integrated multi- chamber solution, the container can also be equipped with a complete control cabinet and plant control technology.

CHP / Gas Upgrading

Electricity or Biomethane: We develop the appropriate upgrading concept for the biogas produced. New AD uses specially modified gas- engine combined heat and power plants (CHP). The highly efficient units for the cogeneration of heat and power are delivered ready-to-connect and integrate. In addition to electrical energy, it is also possible to make practical use of the combustion engine’s thermal energy in local and district heating systems. We help you select the perfect gas upgrading method for your location.