We provide various consultancy service to the waste management & agricultural industries
Waste Management Solutions

Whether you are a private company or a government authority we can help you decide what solution best suits your needs.

Procurement & Trade

We source a variety of feedstocks and avenues for the marketing of digestate with our clients needs the priority in any transaction.

Anaerobic Digestion Development

Whether you wish to establish your own anaerobic digestion plant or make your current plant more effective we can oblige.

Biofertilizer Management

With our in-house agronomy team we can advise you on the application of fertilizers specific to your location and desired results.

Government Authority Solutions

Between budgetary constraints, EU regulations and constantly shifting public opinion government authorities are under immense pressure to reform their waste management strategies and at New AD we have been working with a number of government authorities to present a solution that is not only cost effective but also environmentally responsible.

For more information on our consultancy services please contact the New AD Head Office