Our Board Of Directors

Faisal Rahman

Managing Director

Faisal sees opportunities. This combined with his keen sense of business acumen has led to the development of many different businesses and a wealth of experience from a plethora of industries. Primarily he has operated within the technology sectors, from telecommunications with the likes of BT to most recently in renewable energies with a number of significant companies.
Faisal worked with BT Global on its development and rollout of the £40bn 21st Century Network. As a result he developed not only a variety of contacts in the UK, but also around the world with a particular emphasis on the Middle East. This network generates numerous opportunities and as a consequence he is often approached to consult on a variety of projects.
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Bill Elliott

Development Director

Bill has been Chairman or a senior director of companies in the field of waste disposal and renewable energy for over 25 years, including SITA, Envar and Tamar Energy.
He was Development Director of SITA (UK) until 1999 while it grew to be the largest waste management company in the UK and since then has led a number of companies through recovery on their shareholders, mostly Private Equity. He became Executive Chairman of Envar Ltd in 2008 and he led a small development team that concentrated on Anaerobic Digestion, In-Vessel Composting and renewable energy projects. Following a review of its position he moved those projects as well as some new ones into a new company; Tamar Energy Ltd.
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Amjad Pervez

Strategy Director

Amjad is a prolific businessman with a vast experience in both domestic and international markets. He is currently the International Strategist for NewAD Organics, a Non-Executive Director for the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, a Board Member of Producer city prosperity board, a Founding Partner of Seafresh, a Chair of the Rainbow Trust, a Board Member of Bradford Breakthrough and Chairman of the Jinnah Awards UK.
He has worked with a number of highly successful companies over the past 20 years and has received numerous awards for his work in the business world including Businessman Of The Year 2013 and Business Personality Of The Year 2014.
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David Border

Technical Director

David Border is a microbiologist with 28 years of research, operational and business experience in the UK and USA. He has committed himself to the commercial development of organic waste recycling using composting and anaerobic digestion. David has published many technical articles and reports and is currently preparing a series of eBooks on anaerobic digestion, composting and microalgae.
He set up David Border Consultancy in 1994 as a vehicle to carry out organic waste related consultancies. He has been a frequent lecturer and writer on matters relating to commercial organic waste composting. He regularly attends international conferences on various technologies used to process organic wastes.
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Faruk Malami Yabo

Non-Executive Director

Faruk Malami Yabo MFR, is a recipient of Presidential National Honor, Member of the Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for his outstanding public service as Honorable Commissioner for Finance and subsequently, Honorable Commissioner for Local Government and Community Development in Sokoto State, Nigeria between 2007 to May 2015.
He was also a Member of the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC), as well as a Member of the National Joint Tax Board (JTB). He served as Chairman Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Conditional Cash Transfer Program (CCT) Sokoto State, Nigeria, this earned him recognition by the National Office of the MDG.
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Prof. Pavlos Pavlou

Non-Executive Director

Pavlos trained as an engineer in the UK and holds a PhD in management. He has more than twenty three years of experience in the areas of business development, organisational restructuring, quality management, and executive education. In 2009 he was appointed as the Vice president for Enrollment and Development (in 2014) where he was responsible for international collaborations and strategic expansion.
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Charlie Trousdell

Compliance Director

Charlie’s early career was in botanical horticulture firstly as a student at RHS Wisley in the mid 1970s, then at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, where he took part in plant collecting expeditions. He continued a career in amenity horticulture into the late 1980s then studied for a degree in Environmental Science at the University of Brighton in early 1990s.
He then worked as a consultant setting up composting schemes just before landfill tax came into force so was very much a pioneer in the field. He helped establish TJ Composting in 2000 for which he was MD. Has been an active member of the then Composting Association since 1997 and a director and Chairman of AFOR and is now on Steering Group of the ORG within REA.
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Ian Simpson

Sales Director

Ian has more then 45 years experience in the agriculture industry and has been involved in the sales deaprtment of all aspects of the industry. This significant level of experience in his field means there is no aspect of the industry that he is at the very least exceedingly proficient.
For 35 years Ian has worked in the animal feeds industry with a focus on sales and procurement. For 20 years Ian has been with one of the leading suppliers of animal feeds and supplemnents in the UK, NWF Agriculture where he is now the National Sales Director, he has been instrumental in developing sales from 50,000 tonnes a year to more than 550,000 tonnes per year. Prior to becoming involved in the animal feeds industry he worked in the animal slaughter industry as a stock buyer for more than 10 years.
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Eric Timmins

Finance Director

Eric is a qualified accountant with many years of senior management experience within a number of major organisations. These include as a senior business analyst at ASDA plc where he spent 12 years at their meat, dairy and retail operations. He served as a group commercial accountant for 3 years at William Hill plc. He also operated at Northern Foods plc more than 15 years in a variety of accounting roles including Financial Controller at Fox’s Biscuits and Financial Director at Batchelors Foods based in Dublin.
Over the Last 5 years Eric has been engaged in energy management control and reporting on a contultancy basis for a variety of companies.
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John Richardson

Investment Director

John is an astute entrepreneur who has the ability to focus, understand and communicate at the highest levels of business. He has been involved in numerous government level projects including design and build contracts for The Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust and the development of a job centre in Wakefield.
His expertise lies within appraising any project, no matter the scale, with an acute awareness for time sensitive delivery. Undoubted is his ability to drive any project to a successful conclusion. Additionally, he has also operated within a sporting environment, being chairman of a rugby club for more than 20 years. With over 40 years experience in the world of business, John is invaluable in today’s rapidly evolving world.
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Dr Shahid Ali

Medical Director

Dr Shahid Ali is a medical leader with strategic vision and a passion to improve health services and achieve better health outcomes for patients and populations. He works as a general practitioner and specialist, and has held senior NHS management roles locally, regionally, and as a national clinical leader.
He is co-founder and a Director of Dynamic Health Systems. Currently he is working on several work streams including empowering and enabling patient centred care using technology, integration of services across pathways and intelligence for commissioning. He is Professor of Digital Health in the University of Salford.
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