Faisal Rahman

Managing Director

Faisal sees opportunities. This combined with his keen sense of business acumen has led to the development of many different business strategies and a wealth of experience from a plethora of industries. Primarily he has operated within the technology sectors, from telecommunications with the likes of BT to most recently in renewable energies with a number of significant companies.

Thorough his work in the telecommunications industry Faisal has not only developed a variety of contacts in the UK, he has also created a vast network of contacts around the world with a particular emphasis on the Middle East. This network generates numerous opportunities for whatever business he may be involved in and as a consequence he is often approached to consult on a variety of projects.

Faisal's specialised areas of interest are in the telecommunications industry, international trade and business development.

Previous Experience

BT Global
Network Consultant
Real Estate Developer
Royal Life Insurance
Senior Financial Advisor